Master Plan

Elkin Parks, Recreation, and Greenway Master Plan 
Purpose and Vision Statement 

The purpose of the Elkin Parks, Recreation & Greenway Master Plan is to provide a comprehensive snap shot of existing recreation assets and needs in the Town of Elkin. The Plan will identify creative strategies to address community recreation needs by prioritizing capital improvements, developing inclusive programming solutions and developing funding resources.

Guided by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Piedmont Triad Regional Council, we envision a planning process that employs creative methods of engagement and analysis; encourages active participation by a broad range of stakeholders, and is inclusive of all segments of the community.

We envision a Town recreation and trail system that is inclusive and inviting to all citizens, serves as a tourism asset to the greater community, encourages the broad participation of citizens in a range of leisure activities.  The recreation and trail facilities will improve the health, wellbeing and fitness of the community as a whole and provides for growth of the system as the needs and desires of citizens evolve and change.

Parks, Recreation, and Greenways Master Plan (2014)

Greenway Master Plan (2007) 
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